About PGI

Our objective is to support trainees to develop skills and competency in gestalt therapy theory and practice. We strive to integrate relational gestalt therapy principles with the unique personal style of each participant and to facilitate the building of a supportive learning community.

Our Programs

PGI offers ongoing Weekend Trainings in Los Angeles, a yearly Residential Training program in Santa Barbara, Study and Consultation Groups, and a variety of Workshops, all of which feature our focus on the therapeutic relationship in the therapy process.

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Pacific Gestalt Institute
1626 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90024
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Our particular approach to gestalt therapy continues to evolve, with more and more gestalt therapists from around the world contributing their own insights. Our training focuses on contemporary relational perspectives in gestalt therapy. We emphasize training in working with the nuances of emotional process, therapist-patient interaction, enduring relational themes, process of psychotherapy, and the use of experiments in a relational therapy. Relational gestalt therapy theory is taught systematically and is interwoven into the experiential parts of our programs.

Upcoming Events

A Taste of Gestalt Therapy, June 20, 2015

Enhance your clinical skills in a 4-hour introductory experience using a contemporary, relationally-oriented gestalt approach. LEARN MORE

Residential Program,
Santa Barbara,
March 12 – 20, 2015

Participants from all over the world join in our week of exploration, learning and living together in the lovely foothills of Santa Barbara. This year’s theme: Embodied, Embedded, Emergent explores how our embodiment integrates with thought, feeling and speech as we live as emergent beings; we are always simultaneously embedded in our shared experiential fields and co-shaping our shared experiential fields. And as always, we will continue to refine the meaning and practice of dialogic contacting. FOR MORE INFO