Contact PGI

For general inquires please send us an email or visit the PGI faculty page to contact specific faculty. Requests for information on training programs and scholarships may be addressed to the following:

Residential Training Program

Email: Lynne Jacobs
Phone: 310-729-5202

For all other inquiries, please contact:

Email:  Stella Chesler, Administration:
Phone:  323-418-2648

PGI Grievance Procedure

If a participant in a CE program has a complaint that cannot be resolved satisfactorily by a faculty member at the program, a copy of our Grievance Procedure document will be made available, and the remedies described therein will be followed. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

You can also write to us at:

Pacific Gestalt Institute
1800 Fairburn Avenue, Suite 103
Los Angeles, CA 90025